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The art of barbecue mastered!

Welcome to The Pit Rib House, where the food is so good because it's cooked with wood. We've mastered the art of barbecue, taking the finest cuts of meat around and then slow cooking them over an open wood pit. The result is an authentic wood-smoked flavor that will leave you asking for more.

Featured Items

Beef, Pork & Chicken is our speciality. The food is so good because it's cooked with wood.

What guests say about us

Best place for barbeque ribs & chicken. They also have a great buffalo chicken sandwich. Great customer service. - June R.

This place gives a very warm feeling. I love the rib tips from this rib house. They have large portion for almost every dish. Very nice place for family dinner or lunch. Highly recommended! - Yang Z.

The Rib Pit is outstanding favorite BBQ place around! Would recommend for anybody. Wide variety of all BBQ ribs are fall off the bone and brisket is second to none! Anytime you are in Chicago always worth a stop! - Eileen T.

Video Gaming

Feeling lucky? The Pit Rib House offers generous video gaming machines for you to play. Each game offers a variety of excitement.

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